New Chapter


How do you know it’s time to move on?

When you start looking for something better—and so we did.

January 2017,  we opened the doors to our new home.

Start with the first thing that you see: a fresh coat of vibrant yellow coupled with a shade of white as a blank sheet for new beginnings. This is how one begins – with the vigor of experience, and the humility of constancy. We at ACE take pride in the quality of work that we put in in order to make every student a success in his or her own way, by giving him or her not only the chance to learn but the requisite space conducive for the learning activities we provide everyday. The need for growth is constant and inevitable, and new frontiers of possibility must always be sought for.

Our mission is to extend help to students who wish to discover their full potential. With a new, bigger home, just a stone’s throw away from our previous one, we believe that we can extend this opportunity to an even bigger community of learners. We aim to make this space a conducive locus for harboring new experiences, new learnings, and new friendships – we remain steadfast in our goal to mold well-rounded individuals who excel not only inside the classroom, but also in life.

Visit us at 341 K2 Building, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City (beside Mercury Drug across Miriam College)

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