Who We Are

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) in Tutorial and Review first opened its doors for business in Katipunan Avenue in the year 2013. However, its parent company, the Articulation and Communication Training School and Tutorial Center (ACTS) from which ACE drew inspiration, has been around since April 2002. From its conception, we at ACE have always striven to provide excellent tutoring services with an emphasis on inculcating responsibility not only for oneself but also for one’s work in order to form independent learners who are confident in facing the challenges of school. Learning not only requires sitting down and listening passively to one’s teachers but also entails a desire to understand what is being taught, and an active dialogue between teacher and student in order to foster in every student the ability to learn independently.

We at ACE believe that this is best achieved by way of habit – a study habit, or as we call it here, the HABIT OF LEARNING. We do not limit it to simply spending a few hours each day to poring over a book and a task sheet; we aim to instill the habit of wanting to learn, of striving until information is understood and retained. Our task then, is to serve as a guide and friend to our students. We understand their outlook towards school, and we help reshape it into something proactive for them. It is only by looking at excellence and achievement as a product of hard work and disciplined habits can we make them truly attainable goals for our students.