I am Benro Francesco P. Balaoing. One could say that I am a bookworm, if worms could grow this big! I also collect all kinds of pens, and commensurately, I write a multitude of things with them. I graduated in 2016 from the Ateneo De Manila University, with a degree in Literature. Naturally, I enjoy teaching subjects like Literature and Language, but Math and Science should be right up my street, too. While in college, I was appointed Department Chairperson for English of the Alay Ni Ignacio (ANI), a summer academic advancement program for gifted public high school students. I have also worked hand in hand with DSWD in pilot testing its current financial literacy program for depressed urban communities. Also while in college, I watched all of Gabriel Iglesias’s and Russel Peters’ stand-up comedy videos. Sometimes I feel like I learned more from them than all of elementary and high school combined (humor is sophisticated, you know!), after all, science high school was chill. I’ve eaten dim sum with cream cheese (GOOD!), oranges with soy sauce (BETTER!), and sushi with spaghetti and shawarma (BEST!). You might argue that I’m cosmopolitan, but I think I’m simply being postcolonial. Sometimes, I ask very important questions like “What’s the difference between ordering take-out, and ordering drive-thru without a car?” When you visit us here at ACE, I’ll be the first person you speak with. Good luck with that, right? Kidding. See you here!