/Enrollment is now open for S.Y. 2017-2018. Limited Slots only! Call us now!/


To ensure the best quality of learning among children, we only provide 6 slots per class. (First come, first served basis) There will be 1 Teacher, 1 Assistant Teacher and 1 Teacher Aid for the class. Open to children, aged 2-5 years old. The schedule will be Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 11:00 am. For more details just call (02) 958-05-24 or 0917-676-0223 and look for Ms. Zita or Ms. Ella.



We have a drop in care options for those that need an extended day. This option is available all throughout the school year.


We offer individual enrichment programs all throughout the school year. Programs include; Reading, Music, Art, Experiments and Manipulatives.


Explorers’ Place aims to develop happy, healthy, inquisitive and confident children who are ready to enter the big school. In their earliest years, we strive to hold children to become responsible and enthusiastic life-long learners who constantly thrive in discovering more about the world around them.


Explorers’ Place is a friendly, safe and highly -educational environment for children. The classroom is structured into areas where children can freely explore and learn from a variety of activities and materials. Areas include:

Art Corner – a place for children to hone their creativity and fine motor skills

Manipulatives Area – a place for children to learn concepts such as shapes, colors, numbers, and letters as building blocks for English, Math and Science, and foster life-long skills such as problem-solving and persistence in challenges

Reading Area– a place for children to develop pre-reading skills and explore different books and stories

Dramatic Play Area – a place for children to freely express themselves in pretend and imaginary play


Explorers’ Place is inspired by the progressive approach and follows an Integrated Thematic Curriculum.

Some key principles:

  • Children learn through play, hands-on experiences and interaction.
  • Children acquire skills for their holistic development. They work towards individual goals which tap their physical, cognitive and socio-emotional aspects of development.
  • Children learn best when they have positive and caring relationships with their peers and adults, in a small student-teacher class ration
  • Children learn discipline and a sense of order through positive practices.

Integrated Thematic Curriculum 

Weekly themes are based on the interests of young children, allowing them to learn new things through fun and meaningful contexts. Some of themes include Beach, Food, Camping and Safari.


The two-hour class is divided into routines, which divide the activities within the day and help them live a sense of order.

Routines include: 

  1. Exploratory Play
  2. Circle Time
  3. Discovery Time
  4. Snacks Time
  5. Rest Time
  6. Story Time
  7. Goodbye Time