Students Testimonial


I have known the team behind ACE for many years now. Throughout highschool, ACE helped me develop my public speaking skills, self-confidence, and academic discipline. Above all, ACE provides an environment conducive to learning because the mentors treat their students as family.

ANGELMHINA LENCIO, Class Salutatorian Ateneo Law School Batch 2016; Cum Laude BA Organizational Communication Batch 2011 University of the Philippines Manila; Bulacan Private Schools Association (BULPRISA) District Meet Champion in Tula and Oration



They say that your life is defined mostly by simple everyday moments. And I am thankful to say that ACTS ACE comprised most of my simple but life-changing moments in my childhood days and even now. Through ACTS, my summer schedule became piled up with a mix of essay writings, declamation practices, tutoring services, theatre acting, bonding in between sessions, treasured moments, late-night studying/bonding, lifelong friends, and a better version of myself that I never would have dreamed of. In ACTS ACE, not only will you get excellent academic background, but also a steady support system and a family that pushes you to better yourself in every aspect of your life. Belonging to this family equipped me with the courage to stand up with bruised knees after falling down at the starting line of a funrun back in highschool. I know it is easier to give up but being an ACER reminded me to continue the race because no matter how hard it gets, I know I have a family who will cheer me on not only in my victories, but will be there beside me as I roller-coaster my way through ups and downs of life

CELINE L. GUILLERMO, 2nd year Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH) Medical Student; Cum Laude BS Life Sciences specializing in Biomedical Sciences Minor in Literature Batch 2015 Ateneo de Manila University; BPI-DOST 2015 Nationals Finalist 2015; First ACTS ACE Program Completer



Once upon a time, I was “Billy Goat” who went trip-trap-trip-trap over a bridge. And since then, I have been able to portray many different, far more compelling characters; from the thin and ragged child in “The Vengeance”, to the cat who witnessed how her master was victimized by the ugly beasts, to the heaven-sent fairy godmother of Cinderella, to the makabayan who expressed Francisco Baltazar’s angst, and a whole lot more!  ACTS ACE has provided me with extensive training to enable myself to compete victoriously in different cultural competitions from the time I was nine years old. Most people would think that the medals and the recognition are the most important things when we get high honors in school or win several extra-curricular activities; I used to think that way too, but ACTS ACE has taught me that those trophies are just symbols and what really remains are the skills, the confidence, the determination, and the passion to achieve our goals in life. I may still have a long way to go and bigger dreams to achieve; but with the experiences and training I have acquired through ACTS ACE, I am positive that everything I yearn to achieve will eventually happen by working hard and putting my heart into the things that I do. Billy Goat may be 15 years back, but I will always be grateful to Teacher Ghie, Tita Nitz, and the whole ACTS ACE team not only for the academic preparedness but more importantly, the life lessons that they have imparted to me. I know that with ACE, I’ve always got a family

PATRICIA R. MIRANDA, Cum Laude BS Business Administration Batch 2016 University of the Philippines Diliman; Bulacan Private Schools Association (BULPRISA) District Meet Champion in Oration